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Contract to Closing

Now that you're home has been properly prepared, priced, and marketed, the next step is receiving offers.  This part can be fun, but also stressful. Luckily, we have negotiated hundreds of deals on Charleston real estate and can help you through this important process.  These are the major steps that must be completed to get to closing:

Offer Negotiation

As Realtors, we are obligated to present our clients any offers that we receive.  On each offer, we will use our negotiating experience to get you the best terms based on your needs.  Generally speaking, sellers want to get the highest price possible and buyers want the best deal, but there are countless other terms that can be negotiated, such as closing concessions, key contract dates and financing and inspection contingencies.  There are also complicated scenarios like multiple offers that require a seasoned professional.

Qualifying Buyers

A real estate contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on if the deal doesn't go through.  That's why it's so important to make sure the buyers are qualified.  We can speak to their agents and mortgage lenders and determine if they are likely to be able to close.

Inspections & Repairs

Most contracts will have either an inspection contingency or a due diligence period.  During this time, buyers have the right to conduct inspections and request that the seller make repairs.  This can sometimes result in a complete renegotiation of the contract and is therefore extremely important.  Even in a well cared for home, there are almost always issues that come up.  Gatehouse Realty has many trustworthy partners in the home repair business that can help get repairs done properly and in a timely fashion.  We can also negotiate to offer the buyer a credit at closing to avoid the inconvenience of making repairs.

Mortgage & Appraisal

The mortgage process is really the responsibility of the buyer and their agent, if they have one.  As the listing agent, we have the least control over this step, but it's important that we communicate properly with the buyer's agent, lender, appraiser and attorney to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has all the information they need.


The closing is where it all comes together.  The closing attorney prepares the documents, including the deed, and oversees the signing of the buyer's mortgage, if they are taking one.  Up to and during the closing, your Gatehouse agent will ensure that all contract terms have been satisfied and all money properly accounted for. 

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