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Why Listing Your Home During the Holidays Could Pay Off

Why Listing Your Home During the Holidays Could Pay Off
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Nov 12th 2019 8:07am In: Selling

Why Listing Your Home During the Holidays Could Pay Off

Most seasoned real estate pros will tell you that selling during the winter months, especially during the holidays, is a bad idea, because you won’t get into bidding wars and you won't have showings every day. 

While that may be true, we believe listing your home during the holidays could really pay off:

Less Inventory Means Less Competition: Springtime is the most popular time of year for both listing and buying a home, but studies have shown that homes sell quicker and for money in the offseason because there are fewer homes to choose from. Less inventory means less competition. 

Neighborhoods are Dressed to Impress: Entrances are adorned with wreaths and glowing string lights, snowflakes glitter gold from the glow of street lamps, and beautiful ornaments hang from the trees in the common areas. Beautiful neighborhoods and festive areas of town are a great selling point and fantastic for buyers to see when they’re out and about scouting neighborhoods during the holidays. 

Open House feels warm and cozy: Take your open house over the top by making the most of the season and making your house feel like a home! Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make a home feel more warm and cozy than a crackling fire in the fireplace, the smell of hot apple cider bubbling away on the stovetop, light festive music playing in the background, and fresh-baked gingerbread cookies and pastries sitting on the countertop. If a REALTOR® will just be showing the home, pop on the “Fireplace” station on Netflix and leave some cookies on the counter and cider in a crockpot on the counter for the prospective buyers before leaving the house.

It’s Transfer Time: Everyone knows the end of the year is usually when businesses tend to transfer their employees. Transferees usually need housing ASAP so they’re the type of people who will be looking for housing during the holidays. They’re in a hurry, looking for something nice, close to their job, and within their budget. Once they find it, they’ll buy, and they’ll buy it FAST. 

Buyers of Quality over Quantity: The spring and summer months will definitely bring more showings, but these showings can easily garner a gaggle of buyers who aren’t qualified or who aren’t really ready to buy. Buyers of winter are quite the opposite. They’re much more often ready to pull the trigger on a sale as soon as they find exactly what they’re looking for. 

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