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Holiday Home Touch Ups to Get Buyers In the New Year

Holiday Home Touch Ups to Get Buyers In the New Year
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Dec 13th 2018 1:53pm In: Buying

The holidays are swinging into gear! Menus are planned, presents are wrapped, and friends and family will soon be near. Before they come, take some time to accomplish these quick outdoor touch ups that’ll boost your curb appeal for the holidays and get buyers to the door in the new year:

  1. Repaint the shutters and front door: A bright and beautiful coat of paint will catch people’s eyes and draw them straight onto your property. Be sure to choose a matte, one coat outdoor paint that’s easy to wipe clean. Don’t forget to use painters tape to avoid getting paint lines on the house.
  2. Change the address #s: Take a step back, put yourself in the mind of the buyer. Gauge the easiest, most notable location for address numbers, and choose a location that’s easy to spot from the road. Ensure the new style of numbers are sturdy, several inches tall and easy to read.
  3. Porch light maintenance: Cleaning porch lights is a chore that is often overlooked, but could be a turn off for a buyer if the fixtures are filled with bugs and dust. Before cleaning, make sure the light bulbs are cool to the touch. Brush away dust, spider webs, and bug debris w/ an old paintbrush and carefully clean globes in hot, soapy water. Wipe w/ a towel, allow to air dry, then shine metal fixtures w/ a non-abrasive wax (car wax works great). Dust old light bulbs (or re-insert a new one) and reassemble the fixtures. Allow lights to dry completely before using.
  4. Power wash siding: It’s amazing the amount of difference a super strong spray of water can make! Power washing has the ability to remove dirt, mold, and muck from your home’s siding, porches, decks, window screens and sidewalks without hurting damaging them.
  5. Clean exterior windows: A simple solution of vinegar and water will work wonders on your windows and leave them completely streak free. Mix one part hot water with one part distilled white vinegar and wipe down with a lint free cloth, paper towels, or newspaper.

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