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Get Your House Ready to Sell While Social Distancing

Get Your House Ready to Sell While Social Distancing
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Apr 15th 2020 10:06am In: Selling

Have you been waiting for the spring real estate market to take shape before putting your home up for sale? Worried Covid-19 may have put a damper on things? 

The novel Coronavirus has definitely changed the way the market is running, but the good news is the buyers are still out there….they’re just checking out your house in different ways. 

Make the best of this horrible situation and get your house ready to sell while social distancing. 

  1. Declutter. Ok, listen, we understand it is hard to declutter when the thrift stores aren’t open and the city isn’t picking up trash that isn’t in a can, but there are other ways to get rid of things. Places like the Kidney Foundation are still doing pick ups, and check your local Facebook Marketplace! There are plenty of local resellers who will gladly come take your stuff off of your hands for free! 
  2. Take care of that curb appeal. Order flowers, mulch, garden soil, trees, and shrubbery from your local nursery, pick it up curbside and get to work beautifying your yard while getting some much needed fresh air. 
  3. Tackle the Honey Do List. Fix any wiggly knobs. Paint the front door. Add those new light fixtures. Pay your kids to rake up the leaves or clean out the gutters. Do all the things you’ve been meaning to do when you had free time. 
  4. Make a Buyer’s Guide. Pull together any old floor plans, home stats, average utility costs, neighborhood amenities, etc. Send your REALTOR® any related info about your home, and ask them to put together a PDF file to send to any interested buyers so they’ll have easy answers to questions they may have. 
  5. Make Your Own Virtual Tour. Nowadays you can learn anything on YouTube. Granted, it may never compare to a professional’s, but it will definitely put you ahead of another seller who doesn’t have one! Study up on how to make a virtual tour, either with still photos or video, and work with your REALTOR® to make get your own virtual tour made of your home. 

Looking for more spring selling tips?Contact Us and let us help unlock your future. 

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