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5 Key Elements to Hurricane Preparedness

5 Key Elements to Hurricane Preparedness
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Sep 7th 2017 9:53am In: Hurricane 101

5 Key Elements to Hurricane Preparedness

With super storm Hurricane Irma threatening the shoreline of the Southeast, hurricane preparedness is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

There are 5 keys elements to hurricane preparedness which will keep your home and family safe before and after the storm:  

  1. Plan Ahead: First and foremost, it is imperative to book accommodations as soon as there is a real threat to your area. You’ll be shocked at how quickly hotels will book up, and the closer the hurricane is, the more expensive rates will be. Be sure to book somewhere that has a 24 hr cancellation policy. That way, if the track of the storm changes, there’s no harm, no foul for you or the hotel. Lastly, don’t forget to gas up your vehicles, have a road map on hand in case you lose cell service, and know your zone and follow your evacuation route so you don’t get stuck in gridlock traffic if there’s a mandatory evacuation!
  2. Prepare your family: Stock a hurricane survival kit which includes a 3 day supply of nonperishable food & water for each person in your household, batteries, flashlights, a battery operated/hand crank radio, first aid kit, medications, and more. See the Hurricane Safety Checklist provided by the American Red Cross for ideas. It’s always best to pack or replenish your hurricane survival kit at the beginning of each storm season, but if that’s not the case be sure to pack one as soon as you can before the stores sell out of supplies.
  3. Safeguard Your Home: Take pictures of all rooms, closets, bathrooms, and the insides of cabinets, drawers, and your fridge/freezers for any home insurance claims you may need in the aftermath, secure outside furniture or decor &/or bring them inside, store valuables and imperative documents in a waterproof container or safe, put plastic bags over electronics, and store electronics, small appliances, and clothes as high as you can get them.
  4. Prep for the Aftermath: Fill each sink and bathtub of your home with water before you leave the house. This can be used for washing clothes, flushing toilets, etc. if the water is out when you return home. Shut off water and turn off electricity if you are in danger of flooding and unplug any lamps and small appliances in case the power goes out. Lock all windows & doors, drop drapes, and set refrigerator/freezers to the coolest setting. Arm any security equipment you may have, and tell your family & neighbors where you’re going and when you plan to return home.
  5. Evacuate: Again, KNOW YOUR EVACUATION ZONE, and leave when your zone is called or as soon as you have an opportunity. Be sure to have your survival supplies already in the car or right by the door so you can leave ASAP. Bring along plenty of games, interactive activities, movies, and cards so you can spend some quality time with your family and friends as you all get out of dodge of the impending storm.

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