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4 Things to Check For When Buying A Home in the Winter

4 Things to Check For When Buying A Home in the Winter
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Jan 15th 2020 10:45am In: Buying

Low competition, quality buyers, and great prices are all great reasons to buy and sell real estate in the winter and, though the weather may be warming up here in the south, all homes are prone to hide seasonal issues that could make or break a sale...or your wallet once the weather warms up for good. 

In areas prone to snow and ice, blankets of winter can cover a number of problems ranging from framing issues to deceptive landscaping to roofing problems to pests. That’s why a home inspection during the winter is an absolute must. 

  1. Strength & Framing: Freezing temps and heavy storms can all wreak havoc on the structure of a home. A certified home inspector will check a home’s foundation and framing to ensure there aren’t any cracks or major problems to the overall integrity of the home. 
  2. Pests: Winter is the perfect time to inspect for pests because critters will be scampering through all available access areas to keep warm. When viewing a home, make sure to take a look in the attic and keep an eye out for any droppings, vulnerabilities, or signs of infestations of mice, bats, rats, snakes, &/or raccoons. 
  3. Deceptive Landscaping: Some builders and homeowners have been known to spread ryegrass on lawns instead of laying sod. Rye is a seasonal grass that looks super green and pretty at first, but it dies off quickly and leaves behind a very expensive and muddy, eroded mess for homeowners to deal with once spring comes around. 
  4. Draft Detection: Did you know long icicles along a roof could mean the roof is poorly insulated? Or ever felt a cold draft in a home and gone on the hunt to find out where the cold spot was coming from? It is so much easier to detect how well a home retains heat when it is actually cold outside. Winter is the perfect time of year to check a home’s insulation and inspect the HVAC to make sure everything is in working order. 

Planning to list your home this winter? Follow these tips to ensure your buyer’s home inspection goes well! 

  • Clear any clutter and debris. 
  • Provide easy access to crawl spaces and the attic. 
  • Check and replace any lightbulbs, as needed. 
  • Turn on all pilot lights. 
  • Ensure the fuse box is properly labeled. 

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