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10 Practical Gifts for First-Time Homeowners

10 Practical Gifts for First-Time Homeowners
Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Dec 16th 2019 10:28am In: Buying

First-time homeowners are the most fun clients to work with around the holidays because their joy and enthusiasm are filled with the magic of the season. They’ve saved up their money, their efforts have paid off, and they’ve finally purchased the home they’ve always wanted. Because they’ve had their sights set on this prize for weeks, they’ve had their own visions of exactly where they want their sugar plums and candy canes to go. Because of this, we tend to steer clear of gifts that include decor. 

Instead, we love to gift first-time homebuyers with practical items they usually don’t have in their arsenal. Items they will absolutely need at some point in their homeowning journey, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves right away. 

  1. Homeowner Tool Set: From hanging pictures to fixing leaky sinks, this handy tool set will fix all the things! 
  2. A step ladder: Everyone and I mean everyone, needs a step ladder in their life so they can change randomly placed light bulbs, hang Christmas lights, and move around their gallery walls. 
  3. Fire Extinguisher: Sometimes first-time homebuyers are also stepping into the kitchen for the first time so it’s always better to be safe than sorry! 
  4. Under Cabinet Pull Out Trash & Recycler: This is a great gift to give if the home doesn’t already have one. If the city the homebuyer lives in doesn’t need to separate out their recycling, then they can just double up their trash cans.  
  5. Hedge Clipping Set: Laying sod, trimming trees, clipping hedgings, cutting grass, and other yard work is all part of being a homeowner, and tools like this will just make their life easier.
  6. A Hand Saw Set: These are also great for other home reno projects and cutting Christmas trees as well!  
  7. A Shovel Set: Again, shovels can be used for all kinds of tasks throughout the year. 
  8. A Gardening Tool Basket: Once all the hard work is done, first-time homeowners will need all these tools to make their dream home have everlasting curb appeal. 
  9. A water hose and garden hose reel cart: Keeping those gorgeous flowers freshly watered will help their new homestay beautiful all year long! 
  10. A Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Amazon Gift Card!  Gift cards to Amazon or a Home Improvement store are NEVER a bad idea for any client or first-time homebuyer alike! 

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