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Posted By AmberHanna Forbes @ Jan 17th 2018 9:00am In: Buying


The slower late winter months are the perfect time of year to start tackling your spring cleaning list. Whether you plan to put your house on the market or you want to put your own personality into the living areas, starting earlier in the year is definitely the time to get to work on your home. Starting early will do nothing but reap rewards and following these 10 easy tips will add value to your home:

  1. Spruce up the yard: Everyone knows the first thing that sells a home is its curb appeal. Though curb appeal may not necessarily add monetary value right off the bat, the appearance of a home will definitely factor into its sales price once it goes onto the market.
  2. Fresh, neutral paint: Bright, bold colors are just fine to have when you’re planning to stay put in your home, but if and when you decide to put the house on the market your unique touches will have to go. Painting the walls in neutral colors turns your home into a blank slate and allows potential buyers the freedom to imagine adding their own special touches to the space.
  3. Add new hardware: Changing out the handles & knobs on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets & drawers and switching out the covers on light switches and air vents throughout the house is super inexpensive and makes a huge difference in your home’s appearance.
  4. Re-caulk sinks and tubs: Adding fresh caulk around the sinks and bathtubs adds a freshness to your kitchen and bathrooms which can’t be achieved any other way. This is a super simple task that makes a dramatic difference.
  5. Buy matching appliances: Update your refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stove so they all match. Stainless steel appliances add a pop of pizazz to kitchens and appeal to most potential buyers.
  6. Deep Clean: Bust out the buckets, gloves, sponges and suds and expect to wear yourself out with this task. Be sure to scrub baseboards, clean underneath cabinets, dust fixtures, wipe down the walls, and thoroughly clean inside and out of all major appliances.
  7. Update carpeting: Determine whether or not the carpeted areas in the home need to be cleaned or replaced then hire a team to clean the carpets as they’ve never been cleaned before or replace the carpets to make any room feel as if it has never been lived in.
  8. Change out lighting fixtures: Switching out old, dated fixtures into something modern and sophisticated can change the entire ambiance of a room. Be sure to choose lighting fixtures which are understated and simple rather than bold and eclectic.
  9. Get a home inspection: Hire a professional to check for any leaks, heating, or insulation issues which may not be visible to an untrained eye. Once any damage or problems are discovered, take the time to remedy repairs correctly and perform routine maintenance on the home so no issues arise in the future.
  10. Make it energy efficient: Contact your local energy company and see if they perform free energy efficiency tests on your home and follow their advice. Simple things such as changing out light bulbs, door sweeps, and insulated light switch covers to more complicated tasks such as installing new energy efficient HVAC units can all be simple ways to add value to your home while also saving you money.

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